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Editor mode help

The editor mode, as the fullscreen mode, has its own help.
A light pression on keys CTRL+H allow to display this help.


Let’s decode step by step, the functions.

CAPS LOCK : Holding this key Allow to display a quick preview of the image in fullscreen mode. We can move the cursor in this preview by holding the arrows keys.
When the key is release, the software go back to the editor mode.
COPY : The copy key allow to toggle in fullscreen mode then in editor mode and vice-et-versa.
The cursor keys (up, down, left et right) : allow to move the cursor at a x and y position
SHIFT+cursor keys : allow to scroll the enlarged image in each directions.
SHIFT+Z : Undo, allow to del all modifications on the image pixel by pixel. The border becomes red when nothing else can be done.
SHIFT+Y : Redo, basically, the undo reverse. Try it, it’s adopt it. the border turns red when all the pixels are set.
ESPACE : Set the pixel with the selected Color 1 in position x and y
ENTER : Set the pixel with the selected Color 1 in position x and y
N : Equals Enter
F0/F. : select the Color 1 to plot avec espace key
CTRL+F0/F. : select the Color 1 to plot avec enter key
F1/F3 : modify the ink selected by F0/F. Among the 27 Colors of the cpc palette. (if the used colors are from the cpc old)
CLR : Allow to switch in OLD or PLUS mode. If the cpc plus is not detected, the key is inactive.

**NB : ** it’s possible to use two palettes in same time, one for the cpc old and the other for cpc plus! For the Little tale, I Create this option thinking to the NoRecess/Ced demo who used the same images with two different palettes depending on the machine.

I : Eyedropper! This option was added by Ced hint, for his personnal uses. You May simple position the cursor on you graphic pixel, and press I to automatically selected it in the palette.
X : Quick swap between ink 1 and ink 2, and vice versa.

In plus palette only

You can choose among 4096 shades available (RVB)

F4/F7 : Dec/Inc Red Component
F5/F8 : Dec/Inc Green Component
F6/F9 : Dec/inc Blue Component

I/O Load & Save

TAB : Allow to change the current drive A, B et x1, x2, x3 et x4 (for the Xmass, among the selected partition via iMPdos 512). For the time being, I deliberately disactivated the Albireo player, the Dos is still work in progress. Let OffseT moving forward on this folder.
CTRL+TAB : Allow to select the drive from X4 to A (drive -)
TAB : Allow to change between .scr & .go (load & save)

DEL : Delete the current file. You must confirm your choice.
CTRL+P : Load Palette
CTRL+L : Load only the .GO files produced by convimgCPC from demoniak. For information, two 17k files (.go1 et .go2) are produced to create the upper part and the lower part of the image. The .go files are also used by the software Graph'Os from BdcIron, but only with the Plus palette (Kit). I extended the format by also adding the possibility to use thoses two pages for the Old palette (.ink).
CTRL+S : Save 2 17k screens .go1 and .go2 with the palette old (.ink) and the Plus palette (.kit).
S : Quick save. The saved file keep the name from the upper panel and no longer ask for it.
NB : The function CTRL+C does no longer exist, the CTRL+L/S displays from now the catalogue

Properly software leaving
CTRL+B : Go back to the basic, as be done by Orgams. You can leave your image on the side, launch Orgams then come back on i2 (iMPdraw v2, you might understand)
NB Important note, a |i or ùi, allow you to recouver your current image, even after a reset !

Not documented

CTRL+0 : Switch the image in mode 0
CTRL+1 : Switch the image in mode 1
CTRL+2 : Switch the image in mode 2
CTRL+Cursors Keys(Left & Right) : Change the cursor speed.
Speed in the upper panel. The cruor speed may change from 1 to 8. At start, it is set to 5. If the speed is set to 1 the cursor move will be more quick (useful to draw a straight line, by keeping space pressed)
Inversely if the speed is set to 8, the cursor speed will be more slow.

Fullscreen mode help

the Fullscreen mode, as the editor mode, owns its integrated help. A light press on the keys CTRL+H will display the help.


Here they are the functions explained in details.

CLR : This key allows, as the editor mode, to switch between the Old palette and the Plus palette (if a cpc plus is detected whereas this key in inactive)
The cursors keys (Left, Right, Up & Down) : allow to move the cursor of selection
COPY : Allow to go back to the editor mode. The zoomed image displayed in the editor mode will be the image selected by the cursor.
G : Grid On/Off. Grid is displayed using splitRaster. (Amstrad Cpc or Plus)
T : Cursor size is changed and actives tile mode 16x16 or 16x8. It's easier to catch now.

Resize window cursor function

F4/F6 : Allow to enlarge the X selection zone. Be aware that the displayed image in the editor mode will be not affected.
F8/F2 : Allow to enlarge the Y selection zone. Be aware that the displayed image in the editor mode will be not affected.
F5 : Allows the switch between the cursor mini size and the cursor 17k size. When 17k size is avalaible, ctrl+s can save a 17k .scr file.
SHIFT+F5 : Cursor display on/off.

Paste, Cut, Flip & co

C, use the horizontal & vertical flip h and v, etc…

The Esc key allows to cancel the realized action.

RETURN : capture a selected window by the cursor.
C : After the capture of the window, this might be paste using the C key. If no window is captured , the key remains inactive.
SHIFT+RETURN : capture a second selected window and remains in memory.
SHIFT+C : after the capture of the second window, paste it elsewhere you want.
X : Cut, capture and erase the selected window. You just need to position the cursor and press C key.
Note that the window can be erased with the DEL key.
H : Flip horizontally the selected image.
V : Flip vertically the selected image.

Fill & Swap Colors functions

S : Pixels Swap - Select the 2 Colors to exchange by CTRL+F1/F3 and CTRL+F./F0 then press on S. The 2 colors will be exchanged.
F : Fill Color - Select the source Color with CTRL+F1/F3 and the destination Color with CTRL+F./F0 then press F. The source color will be replaced by the destination color.

Fast Fill & Escape functions

DEL : Fill the cursor with the (s) selected color(s). Allow the halftone pattern creation with only 2 colors.

Plugins functions

E : Execute a Plug In if does exist or has been loaded by a CTRL+E

X et Y Pattern copy

T : Copy X Patterns selected by the cursor + RETURN in X
SHIFT+T : Copy Y Patterns selected by the cursor + RETURN in Y

Masked copy on black background functions

M : Copy of a masked window in front of a gfx
SHIFT+M : Copy of a masked window behind of a gfx

ROLL function

R : Scroll one pixel on the left of a window (can be used in mode 0, 1 et 2)
SHIFT+R : Scroll on pixel on the rigth of a window (can be used in mode 0, 1 et 2)

Filling trame creation

CTRL+F1/F3 : select the first Color to fill
CTRL+F0/F. : select the second Color to fill
**NB : ** if the Color 1 is identical to the Color 2, the filling zone will be unified. If it’s different, the zone will be framed, one color in two.

xMass ONLY

1 : Allows fullscreen 1 access.
2 : Allows fullscreen 2 access.
ESC : Cancel all modifications done on current fullscreen. if you come to editor mode, the modified screen is saved to cache memory.

Sprites Hard mode access

CTRL+Esc : Switch to Sprite Hard capture mode.
Esc : allow to go back to the fullscreen. The selection cursor length is set to capture a sprite hard.
Enter : allow to capture a sprite hard.

Animation Mode access

A : Allows you to access animation mode.

NB : You'll have to select your sprite first using windows size.

_I/O Load & Save_

DEL : Delete the current file. You must confirm your choice.
CTRL+E : Load a plug in file (.bin)
CTRL+Q : Load a .win file (compatible with ocp art studio) - Once it’s loaded, you can position with the arrows keys and press C to copy the file .win on the screen.
CTRL+W : Save a .win file. The cursor save the selected part. (Madram wish)
CTRL+L : load .scr file
CTRL+S : save .scr file
SHIFT+L : load .spr file (Sprite Hard). The .spr file contains the 16 sprites hard
SHIFT+S : Save the .spr file (Sprite Hard). The 16 sprites hard are stored in the file.

You can navigate with the arrows keys and space to valide the file to load or to enter in a folder. By selecting an empty slot when saving, you will be asked to enter the file name for saving.

You can also load a 17 ko .scr file with its original palette ocp (.pal). Once loaded, it will disappear of the fullscreen screen, a 17 ko screen width cursor appears. You just finish by positionning where you want the window, and push C key to copy the 17k screen.

The TAB key allows to load the drive on the fly once the catalogue is displayed.

A direct access to the Drive A (Azerty Keyboard)
B direct access to the Drive B

iMPdos 512

Using a iMPdos 512, you might access to the 128 mB long 4 partitions

1 partition 1 access (x1) of the Xmass
2 partition 2 access (x2) of the Xmass
3 partition 2 access (x3) of the Xmass
4 partition 2 access (x4) of the Xmass
Esc allow to go back to the fullscreen screen or to the editor.


NB : the 33k files (impdraw v1), the 32k files (iMPdraw v2 & convimgCPC) and the 17k files (ocp & natives)

CRTL+S : save the image in a 32k iMPdraw v2 file. (run"monfichier.scr" to display the result!)


CTRL+N : Erase screen for a new project.

Not documented

CTRL+0 : Switch the image to mode 0
CTRL+1 : Switch the image to mode 1
CTRL+2 : Switch the image to mode 2

The Sprite Hard mode help

The access to the Sprites Hard Mode is possible by pressing CTRL+ESC keys in the Fullscreen editor & Mode 0 Only


+Selection Sprites Hard Selection keys mode

ESC : allow to go back to the Fullscreen editor. The window cursor is set to the sprite hard dimensions. The enter key allow to capture the sprite hard.


The arrows keys : allow to select a Sprite Hard. This selected Sprite blinks.
P : stop/start the sprite blinking.
RETURN : allow to copy a Sprite Hard into a buffer.
C : allow to copy the Sprite Hard from the buffer to a selected location with the arrows keys
Tab : copy the current palette in the sprites hard palette.

  • D : Fullscreen & Mask swapping
  • CLR : Reset sprH position & zoom.

F1 à F9 : select the zoom level of the current sprite.
1 à 4 : select the Sprite Bank to use.
CONTROL+Arrows keys : Move the 16 pixels sprite to 16 pixels large in x and y.
SHIFT+Arrows keys : Move the sprite pixel by pixel in x and y.
CTRL+L : Load a .spr file (The 4 banks are loaded, a total of 64 sprites hard)
SHIFT+L : Load .spr file (Only one bank of sprite is read, means 16 sprites hard)
CTRL+S : save .spr file (The 4 Banks of sprites are saved into a .spr file)
SHIFT+S : save .spr file (Only one Bank of Sprite is saved into a .spr file)
SHIFT+f5 : Reset the x and y position of ALL sprites hard.
Copy : Switch to Sprite Hard editor mode (the right zoomed part)

Sprite Hard editor mode


Copy : go back to the Select Sprite Hard mode
The arrows keys : move the cursor in the zoomed zone of one Sprite Hard, pixel by pixel
F0/F. : select the Color from the palette 1
CONTROL F0/F. : select the Color from the palette 2
Espace : set a pixel with the selected color 1 in the zoomed zone
Enter : set a pixel with the selected color 2 in the zoomed zone
N : equals to Enter
i : pipette tool who allow to know which Color and the pixel under the cursor.
H : horizontally Flip of the selected Sprite Hard
V : vertically Flip of the selected Sprite Hard
R : Clockwise rotation of the selected Sprite Hard
DEL : Fill the selected sprite hard with the color selected by f0/f.
= : Palette 1 = Palette 2 (May be easy to fill sprh with unique colour [del])

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